Simple Steps to Home Ownership

What it takes to purchase a home:

  • Good credit (shows your willingness to repay the loan)
  • 2 year work (or college) history (shows your ability to repay the loan)


First Time Home Buyer Steps:

Step 1.            Contact us, licensed and insured professionals, to guide and protect your interest from start to finish. We’ll help you make it fun and easy.

Step 2.            Determine your price range and show you just how affordable the monthly payments will be. I can recommend an excellent realtor.

Step 3.            Let the realtor search to for you to find the home to match your dreams and desires. This is their expertise and they can be very helpful in finding what you want!

Step 4.            Negotiate your offer. Using a realtor can make a huge difference.

Step 5.            Streamline the home loan approval process. I’ll make it as easy for you as possible. 

Step 6.            Close, move in and reap the tax benefits. Happy clients are my goal.


Payment calculator – go to or ask your realtor to text it to you.

Basic documentation needed to qualify for a loan:

  1. 2 years Federal Income tax returns and W-2
  2. 2 months Bank statements
  3. 30 days consecutive paystubs
  4. Driver’s License

Divorce decree and bankruptcy papers or gift funds documentation if applicable.     Dorothy Mathis 515.202.3441

Please DO NOT send any of your vital account information or sensitive personal information on this form. This includes account number, login ID, passwords, social security number or birth date. This form is NOT a secure form of communication.