The Importance of Meeting your Neighbors When You Buy a Home

When you are the new family on the block or the new guy on the block, one of the greatest benefits of owning a home is that it most likely comes with neighbors. Neighbors can watch your home for suspicious activity when you are gone, help take care of things when you are on vacation and lend you tools, advice and a hand when you need it. Sharing a common neighborhood can be a good bond to form new and lasting friendships.

In addition to the sense of security is the joy of knowing and liking your neighbors. A welcoming smile or wave when you pull in the driveway can add peace to a stressful day at work. My neighbor is a gardening expert and I frequently ask him advice. It makes me feel more “at home” to share information. One morning he found a tiny snake and several of us gathered to inspect it and tried to figure our what kind of a snake it was. Each of us struggles with how to keep the roaming rabbit from eating our flowers. He shares his research on what to plant to keep the rascals away. Building rapport with your neighbors increases the likelihood they’ll watch your home when you are away. I recommend trading cell phone numbers for such an occasion.

Many neighborhoods already have online communities set up to trade information. I watch for posts for everything from a roaming raccoon that is trying to get in open garage doors, to recommendations for painters, landscapers and lawnmowers. They also post garage sales and lost pets and neighborhood happenings. Search your subdivision name on Facebook or check

Introduce yourself when you see a neighbor in their yard. They probably are curious where you moved from and what you do for work. Usually people are friendly back, sometimes it just takes you making the first move.

I know people who love to party with their neighbors in each other’s yards. Starting with a simple invitation for a cool drink on a Friday evening can lead to frequent get togethers. Wouldn’t it be exciting if it became more fun to come home than hang out at work or if you’d rather hang out with you neighbors that watch TV. Better yet, throw a party and invite several neighbors if your neighborhood doesn’t already have a block party.

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